Advanced Local Management (ALMs): Registered with the MCGM it consists of residents of one street. Deals with daily waste and sewerage disposal, water, storm water drains and general cleanliness of streets. Meets fortnightly with the MCGM staff, at a local school.

Some active ALMs that you can contact: No.8 Malla St Anne's Road/ Sherly 26498427

No.10 Waroda Chapel Road 26553233

No.12 Carter Road 26461651

No.13 B.J. Road (N) 26402089

No.20 Pali Hill Res. Assoc. 26496201

No.33 St. Mary's Kane Road 26418455

No.43A Gen. A.K. Vaidya Marg 26427718

No.49 St. Leo Road 26409416

No.50 St. Cyril / St. Anthony's Road 26454539

No.54 Manuel Gonsalves / St. Dominic Road 26428949

No.57 St. Andrews Road 26406229

No.64 St. Martin's / Raghunath Road 26428380

No.65 Perry Road 9892055998 / 26555412

No.76 St. Sebastian Road 2640 9525

No.78 5th Road Almeida Park 26423825

No.79 Almeida Park 26428856

No.102 St Paul's Road 26439591

No.103 Holy family Hill Road Res Assoc 26424249

No.104 Union Park 26481799

No.112 Joggers Park / Perry Cross Road 26406339

No.114 Rizvi Complex Res Assoc 26496055

No.116 D'Monte Park Road 9821115322 / 26422809

No.117 Pali Village 9820937583

No.118 Perry Cross Road (N) 66760454 / 66765374

No.121 Rajan Res Assoc 26496112

No.127 Chimbai Road Extn 65718928

No.132 St. John's Road 9820014779

No.144 33rd Road 9821587020

No.147 23rd / 28th Road 9820086567

No.151 Mehboob Studio, Hill Road 26422330

No.171 Chinchpokli Street 26421652

Rebello Road (N) 26421392

TPS Scheme 26002818

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