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WATERMELON COCKTAILWatermelonlemon juice - a few dropsmint leaves - a fewsugar - to sweeten

Method:Cut watermelon in small cubes, removing seeds. Sprinkle melon with lemon juice and sugar. Add a few mint leaves to it. Cover and chill. Serve in cocktail glasses. Garnish with fresh mint.VariatiMon - Add a few drops of Orange liqueor into each glass while serving, for an exotic flavour.


PRAWN COCKTAILPrawns 100 gmLettuce/cabbage 1 cupcocktail sauce 300 mlgarnishing; hard boiled egg and lemon twists

cocktail sauce:Mayonnaise 200 ml tomato ketchup 75 mlcream 2 tbsp Worcestershire sauce 1 tbsp brandy (optional) 2 tbsp

Method: Mix all sauce ingredients to a pouring consistency. Put finely shredded lettuce or cabbage at the bottom of a cocktail glass. Arrange the prawns on top of the lettuce. Pour the cocktail sauce over this, enough to mask the prawns. Garnish and serve chilled. Finely chopped celery may be added if desired.

N.B. The cocktail can also be served as an appetizer in a flat dish on a bed of shredded lettuce or cabbage.


MAYONNAISE2 yolks or 1 whole eggRefined or salad oil 1 cupprepared mustard 1tspSugar 1tspwhite pepper powder a pinch,Salt 1/2 tsp Lime juice or vinegar 2 tsp

Method: Put the eggs, mustard, salt, pepper and sugar in a blender and whisk for 1/2 a minute, oil drop by drop, continue whisking till the desired consistency is obtained. Moisten itly with lemon juice or vinegar. Mix well and season to taste. Refrigerate or freeze.


PRAWNS IN MUSTARD SAUCEprawns 200 gmsugar 1/4 tsprefined or salad oil 2 tbsp salt and pepperprepared mustard1 tsp chopped spring onions with tops 4vinegar 1 tspchopped celery 4 stalksPaprika

Method:Cook prawns. Combine the rest of the ingredients and pour over the prawns. Toss lightly. Chill 2 hours. Serve on shredded lettuce.


CANAPES WITH FILLINGSshort crust pastry - pastry casesegg yolk (optional) 1 flour 8 oz sugar - powdered 1 tspbutter 2 ozsalt 1 tsp dalda 2 ozMethod:Sieve flour, salt and sugar and rub in fat until mixture looks like fine bread crumbs. Using first knife and then the fingertips to feel the pastry, gradually add the egg yolk and enough cold water to make the dough into a rolling consistency. Lightly flour the rolling pin and pastry board. Roll pastry to required thickness. Cut rounds a little bigger than the size of the tart mould and place it in the mould, making sure that no air is trapped inside it.Bake at 425° - 450° F; gas mark 6-7, for about 15 minutes, or until the pastry is light biscuit in colour.

FILLINGS:- CHICKEN SALADchicken - boiled 200 gm mayonnaise 100 gmonion 1 salt 1/2 tspcapsicum 1 pepper 1/2 tsppineapple slices 2

Method:Dice the boiled chicken, onion, capsicum and pineapple into tiny bits. Add salt, pepper and mayonnaise. A little pineapple juice may also be added. Fill a little salad in each of the pastry cases and garnish with a diamond of tomato and a sprig of dill leaves or parsley.

N.B.: The same ingredients may be used to make the regular chicken salad, but the ingredients should be cut into julienne strips.

-TUNA SALADTuna 1 tincapsicum - minced 2 tbspCarrots - grated 2 tbspOnions - minced 2tbsptomato ketchup 4 tbspmayonnaise 2 tbspFlake the tuna, add all the above ingredients and fill a little salad in each of the pastry cases. Garnish with an onion ring.

- POTATO SALADpotato 3onion 1mayonnaise 100 gmPepper ½ tspSalt ½ tspBacon 50 gm

Method:Boil the potatoes, peel and cut into medium sized cubes. Chop onion and mix with mayonnaise and potatoes. Add salt and pepper to taste. Fry bacon crisp and chop it finely. Put the salad in the pastry cases and garnish with chopped bacon.

N.B.: The above fillings may also be served as regular salads.



- FISHsardines or tuna fish 1 small tinfinely minced onion 1finely diced cucumber 1mayonnaise 6 tbsptomato sauce 1 tbsptabasco a few drops

Method:Mix all ingredients together and serve on toast.

- CHICKENboiled and cubed chickena few stalks celery or corianderboiled peas or grated carrot 100 gm mayonnaise - to moistenMix all ingredients together and serve on toast.

CHEESEgrated cheese 3 cubes butter 2 tbspfinely chopped tomato 1 chilli powder 1/2 tspMix all the ingredients together and serve on toast.

N.B.: The above spreads can be served on any canape bases like pastry, wafers, savoury crackers, partly cooked macaroni shells, toasted bread etc.


PARTY PUNCH serves 30pineaple 1 smalllemon juice 1 tbspgrapes 1 kg canned cherries 1 tin apple 1 rum (optional) 1/3 cuporanges 10 mint leaves 30watermelon a few slices

Garnishing: cocktail sticks with pineapple cubes and cherries.

Peel and core apple and add the lemon juice to prevent discolouration. Finely dice apple and keep aside. Clean and cut the segments of one orange and keep aside.Pass the fruit through a juicer to separate the juice. Blend all juices. Add the syrup and cherries from the can, reserving a few for garnishing. Dilute as required and add sugar to sweeten. Add rum if desired. Add the apple, orange pieces and mint leaves.

Refrigerate for a few hours for the flavours to infuse. Garnish and serve chilled.

N.B.: For a festive look, set small ice cubes with mint leaves, cherries and grapes and let them float in the punch bowl.


FRUIT PUNCHpineapple juice 2.5 cans strawberry ice cream 2 scoopsmango juice 2.5 cans rose syrup 150 mlvanilla ice cream 3 scoops

Garnishing: Cocktail stick with lemon slice and cherry.

Glass: Brandy balloon or champagne tulip

Mix the first four ingredients in a blender. Pour the rose syrup into the glass and roll the glass till you get the desired effect. Pour the above mixture into the glass. Garnish and serve chilled.


SUNSET APPETIZERgrapes 250 gm sugar 2 tbspapples 250 gm pepper a pinchlarge tomatoes 3 large oranges 3 mint 2 sprigslime (juice) 1Salt

Peel and core apples. Add the lemon juice to it. Then liquidise apples, grapes, tomatoes and mint. Extract the juice of oranges. Mix all the juices. Strain. Add the sugar, salt and pepper. Chill well and serve garnished with mint leaves.


ORANGE — TOMATO COCKTAILorange juice 2 cupstomato juice 2 cupschilli powder - a pinchsalt and pepper - a pinchsugar to tastefinely chopped celery - 2 stalksMix all together. Chill well and serve.


TOMATO — APPLE COCKTAILTomatoes 4Carrots 2Apples 2lime (juice) 1mint leaves - a fewsugar to taste

Liquidise tomatoes, carrots and apples. Add the juice of lime. Add sugar and mint leaves. Chill and serve.


PINEAPPLE COCKTAILLiquidise fresh pineapple with a small piece of ginger. Add sugar to taste. Serve chilled. A little rum may be added for an added flavour.


GUAVA JUICEguava pulp 1 kg water 1.5 litressugar 400 gmMix the guava pulp, sugar and water. Stir with a spoon till all the ingredients give you a homogenous drink. This gives you 15 glasses of 200 ml. Each.


MANGO JUICEmango pulp 1 kgsugar 400 gmwater 1.5 litresMix the mango pulp, sugar and water. Stir with a spoon till all the ingredients give you a homogenous drink. This gives you 15 glasses of 200 ml each.


MANGO SUNDOWNERmango pulp 1 tbsp crushed icegin or vodka 1 large measureCombine mango pulp and gin/vodka. Pour in tall glasses and serve with crushed ice.


MANGO COCKTAIL ORIENTALE — "HOOGLI"mango pulp 1 tbsp rum one large measurelemon juice 1 tbsp soda watercrushed iceCombine all the above together and shake well. Serve with a lemon float.


Ready-to-serve Beverages

GRAPE CRUSHSelect fresh juicy black grapes. Wash well. Crush and boil for 5 - 10 minutes. Strain the juice.juice 1 litre citric acid 4 level tspsugar 2 kgtonovin or grape essence 1 tspwater 1 litre sodium benzoate (preservative) 1.5 level tsp

Take sugar, water and citric acid in a vessel. Heat till water boils and sugar dissolves. Strain the syrup. Add the juice and mix well. Allow it to cool. Add the essence. Dissolve the preservative in a little warm water and add to the crush. Mix well and fill in sterilised bottles leaving at least 1/2" head space. Store in a cool dry place. Dilute and serve.The bottles can be sealed with molten paraffin if desired.


FRUIT COCKTAIL 10-12 bottles of cocktailThis is a drink prepared out of mixed fruit. Normally the following fruits can be mixed, black grapes 1 kgpineapple 2 kg oranges 25limes 25Extract juices from all the above. Strain and mix the juices.citric acid 4 tsp mixed fruit/cocktail essence 1 tspmixed fruit juice 1 litreWater 1 litre raspberry red colour - if needed sodium benzoate 1.5 tspsugar 2 kg ginger 100-150 gm

Grate the ginger into the sugar syrup while boiling. Proceed as for Grape Crush Cool all juices and add.

N.B.: If the quantity of lemon juice is more, reduce the citric acid.


ORANGE SQUASH(5-6 oranges — 1 bottle)Select ripe juicy oranges. Wash well, cut into halves and extract the juice. Strain it.

orange juice 1 litreSugar 1.7 kgWater 1.3 litrescitric acid 4 tsporange essence 4 tsp orange colour 4 tsppotassium metabisulphite (KMS)

Take sugar, water and citric acid in a vessel. Heat to dissolve the sugar and citric acid. Filter and cool. To the cold syrup, add the orange juice. Mix well. Add essence land colour. Finally add the preservative (KMS) which is previously dissolved in a little pater. Mix thoroughly and fill in well sterilised bottles leaving 1/2" head space. Store a cool and dry place.

After adding the KMS, it should be preserved for 10 days before use.


PINEAPPLE CRUSH / SQUASH1 kg - 2 bottlesClean and cut the fruit longitudinally. Extract the juice with a grater or blender.for crush for squashjuice 1 litre 1 litresugar 2 kg 1.8 kgwater 1 litre 1.3 litrescitric acid 4 tsp 4 tsp

pineapple essence as required as required yellow colourpotassium metabisulphite 3/4 tsp 3/4 tsp

Follow the procedure as given for Orange Squash


MANGO SQUASHSelect fully ripe mangoes. Extract the juice and strain it.

mango juice 1 litremango essence (optional)lemon yellow colour (optional)sugar 1.6 kg water 1.4 litrespotassium metabisulphite 3/4 tspcitric acid 4 tsp

Proceed as for Orange Squash

To serve; pour one measure into a glass and top it with cold water/soda water and ice.


LEMON SQUASH10-15 limes - 1 bottle

Extract the juice of sufficient limes and strain.lemon juice 1 litre water 1 litresugar 2.5 kg lemon essence 2 tsplemon yellow colour - as requiredpotassium metabisulphite 3/4 tsp

Prepare sugar syrup by boiling sugar and water. Add a little lemon juice to the syrup to clear. Follow the same procedure as for Orange Squash.


TOMATO SQUASHSelect fully ripe juicy red tomatoes. Remove blemished portion if any. Wash the fruit thoroughly and cut into 3 to 4 pieces. Boil for 5-10 minutes with occasional crushing. Strain the juice to remove seeds and skin.

strained juice 1 litrewater 1 litresugar 1.5 kgSalt 2 tsptomato red powder or raspberry colour sodium benzoate 1 tsp

Heat water and sugar till the sugar dissolves and a syrup is obtained. Filter. Mix the juice and cool. Add colour. Finally add the preservative which is first dissolved in a little water. Bottle.


JACKFRUIT NECTARSelect fully ripe jackfruit. Take only the bulbs which are edible. Remove the inside seed and fibre. Cut the bulbs into small pieces. Add a little water and boil. Strain the pulp.

strained jackfruit pulp 1 litre citric acid 55 gmsugar 2.25 kg water 1.5 litrespotassium metabisulphite ½ tsp

Follow the procedure as given for Orange Squash


LIME JUICE CORDIALExtract the lemon juice and store it in a glass container with potassium metabisulphite added at the rate of V2 of 3/4 tsp per litre of the juice for a month or two. Then decant the clear liquid by siphoning, leaving behind the sediment. This clear juice is used in the preparation of lime juice cordial.clear juice 1 litre lemon oil as requiredsugar 1.25 kg lemon yellow colour as requiredwater 0.5 litre potassium metabisulphite a pinchlemon essence as requiredFollow the procedure as given for Orange Squash


LEMON BARLEY WATERlemon juice 1 litreSugar 2 kg Water litre barley powder 15 gmpotassium metabisulphite 3/4 tsplemon essence 4 tspyellow colour

Extract the juice and filter through a cloth. Measure juice. Prepare a paste with barley powder and a little water. Boil the remaining water. Add the sugar and dissolve to make a syrup. Add the paste and stir till the mixture boils. Filter and cool to room temperature. Add strained juice, colour, essence, preservative and fill in bottles.



MANGO FIZZFill 2/3 glass with soda / ice-cream soda. Top with 3 scoops of mango ice-cream and decorate with 2 marachino cherries.

MANGO ICE-CREAM SHAKECombine mango pulp, chilled milk, a blob of ice-cream and sugar to taste. Add ice cubes and shake or put it in a mixer till frothy.

GUAVA MILK SHAKECombine guava pulp, chilled milk, ice cubes and sugar to taste. Shake it or put it in a mixer till frothy. Serve in tall glasses.

ROYAL FALOODAmilk (ice-cold)boiled vermicellirose syrup jellyfalooda seedsvanilla ice-cream

Soak falooda seeds in a little water for 1 hour or overnight (1 teaspoon for 1 large glass) Pour half a glass of ice-cold milk. Gently pour 50 ml. rose syrup, so that it forms a separate layer below the milk. Next, add the falooda seeds and then a few strands of vermicelli. Add a little chopped jelly and top it with a blob of ice-cream.

KESAR FALOODASame as Royal Falooda. But instead of rose syrup, add a few drops of kesar essence or a few strands of kesar soaked in warm milk. Top with kesar ice-crearn.



GRAPE WINEgrapes 3 kgdry yeast 1/4 cupsugar 2 kg egg whites 2Wheat 125 gmwater 31/2 bottlesrice 125 gm burnt sugar (to be added finally)

Mash grapes. Add water and sugar. Beat whites and add. Clean rice and wheat and add. Fill jar only 374 full. Stir twice a day for the first 3 days. Then stir once everyday, for 20 days. Strain. Put back in jar and keep for 4 days. For each bottle of wine, prepare and add 2 tablespoons of burnt sugar. Bottle and cork it to make it air-tight.Burnt Sugar: Melt 4 level tablespoons of sugar in a heavy pan, stirring constantly. When it turns dark brown in colour, remove from the heat and add 5 tablespoons hot water little by little. Blend thoroughly.

(Orange wine: Can be made in the same way as grape wine, substituting oranges for grapes.)


RAISIN WINEraisins 5 kgWater 5 bottlesSoak raisins in water. Either grind or mince them. Put into a wooden or clay jar and tie a cloth on top. Stir once or twice a day for 8 days. Then, squeeze out all the juice through a strainer or straining cloth. Keep for a month. Do not touch or shake. If it is fermented, take a rubber tube and keeping one end in wine, siphon it out into a funnel placed over a clean dry bottle. (Place a little dry cotton in the funnel.) After 5 months, this wine is ready. Boil the corks and press them into the bottles. Turn each bottle upside down on a cushion and press the cork firmly into the bottle. Seal with wax.N.B. If you pour water into the sediment, and repeat the process, you can get vinegar.


POTATO WINpotatoes ½ kgsugar 2 kgWheat ½ kgdry yeast 100 gmRaisins ½ kg water 6 bottlesburnt sugar ½ kgearthenware jar

Prepare the burnt sugar and cool it. Then mix all the above ingredients. Put in an air-tight earthenware jar and keep in a cool dark place. Do not shift the jar. Keep for 21 days. Strain through a double muslin. Fill in black bottles and keep till wine clears.




MUTTON CHICKEN OR BEEFBoil 1/2 kg mutton or beef bones or chicken with carrots, onions, and salt in 11/2 -2 litres of water, strain.

TOMATOPut tomatoes in boiling water, sufficient to cover them. Remove after a minute and peel off skin. Mash and boil. Liquidise and strain to remove the seeds.

VEGETABLEBoil 500 gms of mixed vegetables (as available) like carrots, beans, spinach, cabbage, turnips, celery etc., in 11/2 litres water, strain.

CHINESE STOCKEqual quantities of chicken and pork are boiled in 200 ml of water in a pressure cooker. Shred the meat and boil in the same water till the quantity is reduced to half the volume. Remove excess fat.


Heat 4 tablespoons of butter. When butter melts add 4 tablespoons of flour. Stir on low heat till it forms into a ball. Remove and add a glass of milk and blend. Put back on fire and stir to the required thickness. Add seasoning (pepper and salt). Grated cheese can be added if desired.

THICKENINGMake a white sauce and add soup stock and chicken seasoning to it. When serving, heat it gently but do not boil. Soups can be thickened by also adding beaten eggs, stirring the soup constantly while adding it.

SERVINGServe hot in soup bowls or broad mugs. Fried bread cubes or onion fried golden brown may be added while serving. Noodles and macaroni go well with all corn soups and cream soups.

GOLDEN SOUPcarrot - large - sliced onion - chopped 1 tomato - sliced 400 gm butter 2 tbspwater 1 cup sugar 1 tbsp salt and peppercoriander leaves for garnishing

Melt the butter and fry onion lightly. Add carrot, tomatoes and stir. Add water, sugar and simmer. Sieve and pour back into pan and re-heat. Add seasoning (pepper and salt). Garnish and serve immediately.

POTATO SOUPpotatoes - large 6 milk 3 cups onions 4 ghee 1 tbspcoriander leaves a fewpepper and salt

Boil the milk and add mashed potatoes. Fry the minced onions in ghee till they turn brown. Add the mixture and simmer for 10 minutes. Add the coriander leaves, pepper and salt. Serve hot.


TOMATO SHORBAserves 6-8tomatoes-chopped 1/2 kg ginger-crushed 15 gm garlic-crushed 15 gm green chilli-slit 4 onion-big-sliced 2 mint leaves-chopped 1/2 bunch coriander leaves - chopped 1/4 bunchsugar and salt to tastewhole garam masala 10 gm(cinnamon, cloves, cardamom)water 1 litreoil 3 tbsp

Heat oil and saute onions, garlic, ginger, green chillies and whole garam masala. Add tomatoes, mint leaves and coriander leaves. Cook tomatoes till the water comes out and mash it. Pour water and simmer for half an hour. Strain the soup through a fine sieve. Season with salt and sugar.

Garnish with finely chopped coriander leaves and mint leaves.

MINESTRONE SOUPharicot beans 1 cuponion - grated 1 tspparsley and celery - chopped 2 dtsptomatoes 1/4 kgcabbage - chopped 1/4 kgmacaroni - cooked 1/2 cupcheese - grated 1 tbsp

Soak beans for 24 hours. Cook them for 25 minutes in a pressure cooker with 3 cups of water. Remove the beans. Fry the onions, celery and parsley. Add chopped tomatoes, cabbage and beans and cook in a pressure cooker for 3 minutes. Add1 macaroni and sprinkle cheese over.


Mushroom 1/4 kgButter 50 gmFlour 2 tbspMilk 300 mlStock 3 cupssalt and pepper

Chop mushrooms fine and fry in butter for 5 minutes stirring to prevent discolouration. Stir in the flour and cook for 5 minutes. Remove from the fire and add in the milk •and stock gradually. Put back on the fire and bring it to a boil and cook till it thickens. Add pepper and salt.

TOMATO SOUPTomatoes 1/2 kgPotato 1Water or stock 4 cups Lemon juice 1 tspghee 2 tsp onion - sliceda few drops Worcestershire sauce salt and pepper to taste

Cook the tomatoes and potato till tender. Then rub through a sieve. Fry the sliced onion and then the cashewnut pieces to a golden brown. Add the stock. Boil for a few minutes. Then add the sauce, lemon juice, salt and pepper powder. Garnish and serve immediately.

CORN SOUPserves 5shelled corn 250 gm water or stock 1.25 litressalt 1 tspajinomoto 10 gm soya sauce 2 tsp cornflour 2 tbsp

Boil corn in water till well done. Add ajinomoto and salt. Add a little soya sauce. Mix cornflour in a little water and pour into the soup over a slow flame stirring till a medium thick consistency is obtained. Serve hot with chilly, vinegar and soya sauce.

TOMATO AND EGG SOUPtomatoes 1/2 kgstock 6 cupscornflour 2 tbsp eggs - well beaten 2 sugar 1 tsp pepper and salt

Bring stock to boil and add the blanched and chopped tomatoes. Cover and simmer for 3 minutes. Make a paste of cornflour, water, sugar, salt, pepper and add to the stock and stir till smooth. When boiling, add beaten egg through a strainer, stirring all the time.N.B.: To blanch tomatoes easily, drop them for about a minute in boiling water and then put them in cold water. The .skin peels out easily this way.

ONION SOUPSoups from packets or tins can be improved upon, beyond recognition with a few simple tips as in this recipe.soup packet 1 milk 1 cupoats 4 tbspchicken stock or chicken soup cubescornfloursherry or brandy (optional)

Cook the oats in 3 cups of water for 5 minutes. Add 10 cups of water and the contents of the soup packet, along with chicken stock or 3 chicken soup cubes. Cook for 15 minutes till the mixture is quite thick. For a creamy consistency add a cup of milk and a tablespoon of cornflour dissolved in milk. At the table provide salt and pepper. And for a very special festive feeling, garnish with milk cream, grated cheese, with a dash of sherry or lighted brandy.

SPINACH SOUPspinach leaves 36-40 onions - minced 2cornflour 2 tspmeat stockwater 3 cups

Boil the spinach leaves with 2 cups of water. Separate the leaves from stalks when cooked. Chop leaves fine. Fry the onions and leaves. Add the meat stock. Thicken with cornflour. If desired, add beaten egg and stir as in Chinese cooking.

ITALIAN EGG SOUPstock 4 cups egg 1cheese cube 1pepper and salt

Heat the stock, add the seasoning, then the beaten egg through a strainer, stirring all the time. When ready, add grated cheese and serve.

CHEESE SOUPpotato - medium 2 carrot 1onion 1celery 1 stalkcheese 3 cubesthin cream 3-4 tbspstockpepper, salt and chopped parsley

Dice the vegetable and add it to the stock and boil until tender for nearly fifteen minutes. Stir in the grated cheese and the cream. Add salt and pepper to taste. Add parsley just before serving.

DHAL SOUPmasoor or thor dhal 100 gm water 3 cupsonion 1 fried bread cubestomato 1 milk 1 cup pepper and salt

Wash and boil the dhal with half the onion, tomato and water. When dhal is well cooked, pass it through a sieve. Fry the rest of the chopped onion and tomato till soft. Add the dhal stock, milk and season with salt and pepper powder. Add fried bread cubes and serve immediately.

CREAM OF CAULIFLOWER SOUPcauliflower - small 1milk 1 cupegg yolks - beaten 2nutmeg 1/4 tspchicken stock 6 cupsthin cream 2 tbsplemon juice 1 tspseasoning

Cut cauliflower into florets and boil till tender in the stock. Remove florets and keep aside. Add milk to stock and boil. In another pan put the beaten egg and cream mixture and add it to the boiling stock stirring all the time. Re-heat to serve (without boiling), add the cauliflower and the seasoning.

HAM FLAVOURED PEA SOUPshelled peas 2 cups water 3 cups onion - sliced 1onion - chopped 1ham 2 slicesmilk 1 cupbutter 1 tbspmint leaves a fewpepper and salt

Boil peas with water, salt and the sliced onion till tender. Sieve and keep aside. Melt butter and fry chopped onion. Add soup, milk, mint, pepper, salt and simmer for a few minutes. Remove the mint. Serve with diced ham.

CHICKEN SCOTCH BROTHchicken - small 1pepper corns 4onion - sliced ½

Boil the above in a pressure cooker for 20 minutes.carrots - diced 2 peas 1/2 cupFry the above in 1 oz butterrice 2 dtspbeef stock 6 cupswater 1 cupginger 1 inchsalt to taste 1 cuppotato - diced 1

cinnamon, cloves, cardamom coriander leaves, pepper and salt to the above fried vegetable add beef stock and rice and cook, add bits of cloves, cinnamon and cardamom. Then add the pressure cooker contents. Season and add coriander leaves. Serve hot with pepper powder sprinkled over.

CHICKEN BROTHchicken 1onion 1cornflour 1 tbsp milk 2 tbsp

Boil chicken with water and onion. Remove chicken and shred. Add milk to the broth to thicken. Dredge chicken pieces in cornflour and add it to the boiling broth.

CHICKEN CORN SOUPeggs 6 whites or 3 whole eggs creamed corn 1 tinbutter 1 tbspchicken stock 6 cupscooked chickenwhite sauce to, thicken

Cook the corn in chicken stock. Then add the chicken bits. When cooked, add the beaten eggs through a strainer stirring all the time, adding it to the vessel containing the white sauce. When serving, heat gently and add butter.

CHICKEN LIVER RICE SOUPchicken stock 4 long grain rice 100 gmchicken liver 100 gmbutter 1 tbspparsley 1 tbspcheese 1 tbsp

Bring the chicken stock to a boil. Add the washed and cleaned rice and cook till it is just tender. Cut the chicken livers into fine pieces and cook it separately in melted butter. Add salt to taste. As soon as the rice is cooked, add the chicken livers, parsley and cheese. Serve immediately.

CONSOMME JULIENNEbeef stock ½ kgcelery 1 stalkonion 1carrot 1meat parsley 1 springbay leaf 2egg white and shell 1

Cut meat into small pieces. Add onion, parsley and bay leaf and simmer for one hour in a pressure cooker. Strain through a muslin. Add the stiffly beaten egg and clean shell and boil again for another 20 minutes. Strain again. Cut the carrot and celery into very thin strips and saute in butter. Add some consomme and cook till tender. Remove fat. Add the cooked vegetable to the boiling consomme just before serving.

MUTTON SOUPmutton bones ½ kgcoriander 1 dtspjeera 1/4 tsPpepper corns 6turmeric ½ inchcinnamon 2 inchtomatoes ½ kgcarrot onion - big 1salt to tastebread 6 slicesgarlic 3 flakes

White sauce, cornflour or macaroni for thickening . Powder coriander, jeera, pepper, turmeric and cinnamon. Boil bones along with the tomatoes, carrots, garlic and the powdered ingredients. Strain. Season the soup with minced onions fried brown. To thicken the soup add white sauce, cornflour or macaroni. Cut the bread into small cubes and fry them in ghee to a golden brown. Add it to the soup just befor serving.

RUSSIAN SOUPbeef or mutton - chopped fine 1 cup tomatoes 1 kg butter 1 tbsp boiled vegetable 1 cupwhite sauce 2 cupsgrated cheese 1 cupboiled macaroni 1 cup

Mash and strain tomatoes and boil it with the vegetable, meat and stock. After sufficient cooking, add it to the white sauce. When required for serving, warm gently and mix in the boiled macaroni, salt, pepper, butter and the grated cheese.

SHREDDED MEAT AND VEGETABLE SOUPCabbage - shredded 4 cupsham - shredded 1/4 cupginger - chopped 1/4 inchbamboo shoot - shredded 1/4 cupuncooked chicken fillet - shredded1/4 cupMake a broth with:chicken broth 10 cupsajinomoto ½ tspwine ½ tspsalt ½ tspmushrooms - slicedcornstarch 1 cupwine 1 tbspsalt ½ tsp

Boil the shredded cabbage and drain. Shred chicken and mix with the wine and ginger juice. Sprinkle chicken, ham, cabbage, bamboo shoot and mushroom with salt and cornstarch. Rub the inside of a bowl with butter and keep the chicken, ham, bamboo shoot and mushrooms in 4 sections and cover with the cabbage. Steam for 15 minutes. Turn out steamed ingredients in a deep bowl and pour in hot broth from sides so as not to break the mould. Chicken livers and kidneys can also be added.

MULLIGATAWNY SOUPbeef ½ kgginger ½ inch Boil the above in a pressure cooker for 20 minutes. Strain and keep aside. (Stock)turmeric 1/4 inchginger 1/4 inchcoriander 1/4 tsp onion - small 1pepper corns 6-8red chillies - long 1jeera 1/4 tspgarlic 1 flakeraw rice 2 dtsp

a little tamarind water very thick coconut milk 1 dtspSlice onion and fry brown. Add the ground masala. When the water dries up add the stock, rice and the curry leaves and cook till the rice is soft. Add the tamarind water. Lastly add the coconut milk, cook for 2-3 minutes and serve hot.

MULLIGATAWNY SOUP (Non Veg)masoor dhal 150 gm coconut - grated (I and II extraction of milk taken)onions - medium-sliced 2garlic - chopped 2 flakescurry powder 1 tbsplime (juice) 1oil 1 tbspcurry leaves 1 sprigcinnamon ½ tspchicken stock 2 Itsboiled, diced chicken 60 gmfresh coriander - chopped 2 tbspHeat oil, saute onion, garlic, ginger, curry leaves and cinnamon. Add dhal, curry powder, black pepper and fry together. Pour chicken stock, cover and cook till dhal is soft. Add second extraction of coconut milk. Cook for a while and strain the soup through a fine strainer or puree dhal in a mixer. Finish the soup by adding first extraction of coconut milk. Garnish with boiled diced chicken, chopped coriander and serve hot.



SALAD DRESSINGS MAYONNAISEegg yolk 1mustard 1 tspoil 150 mlsugar a pinch white pepper powder a pinch vinegar 1 tbsplime ½ salt to taste

Mix egg yolk, salt, sugar, mustard and pepper. Cream well. Add oil drop by drop. Keep beating with a whisk. As sauce gets thicker, moisten slightly with vinegar and lemon juice. Mix well and taste for seasoning.


mayonnaise 100 mlchopped gherkins 15 gmchopped pickled onions 15 gmchooped parsley one sprigchopped capers 3white pepper powder 1 pinchsalt to tastetomato sauce 20 mlcapsico sauce 10 ml

Combine all the above ingredients together.

SALAD CREAMpotatoes 2-3yolk of hard boiled egg 1prepared mustard ½ tspmilk 1 ½ tspvinegar 3/4 tspsalad oil 1 tspsugar salt to taste

Boil potatoes and mash well. Add yolk, a little sugar, mustard and salt. Mix well till smooth. Add the milk, vinegar and beat it well. Add the salad oil drop by drop. Use as a salad dressing.

YOGHURT AND CREAM DRESSINGthick yoghurt 100 ml cream 25 ml honey 1 tsppepper a pinchsalt to tasteCombine all the above ingredients together.N.B.: Hang 200 ml curds to obtain 100 ml thick yoghurt.

IRON SALADcottage cheese 100 gm apples 6dates 50 gmlettuce leaves 12salt and pepper to tasteyoghurt 1 cup

Cut cottage cheese and apple into cubes. Wash and de-seed dates and cut into strips. In a salad bowl put all three ingredients together. Add the beaten yoghurt, pepper and salt. Arrange lettuce leaves on a salad platter and put the salad mixture in the centre. Garnish with dates and sliced lemon.N.B.: Mayonnaise may be substituted for yoghurt.

SUMMERS' COLE SLAWcabbage 1 ½ cups curds 1 cuppepper powder ½ tsp salt ½ tsp

Shred the cabbage finely and boil for a minute. Strain it well. Mix with the curds. Add pepper and salt.

GREEN RAITHAcurds 1 cup water or milk 1 cup green chilli 1 few coriander and mint leaves cummin seeds powdersalt to tastegarlic flakes 3

Grind green chilli, garlic, coriander leaves and mint leaves and grind it into a fine paste. Mix water with curds. Beat it well with a fork. Then add salt to taste, green masala and cummin seeds powder and combine it well.

SPRING SALADmushrooms-fresh or tinnedgreen peas 1 kgham 400 gmmayonnaise 1 ½ cupschopped celery ½ cupchilli powder 1 ½ cupsbutter 1 tbspsoda bicarbonate 1/4 tsppepper powder

Fry mushrooms in butter. Keep aside. Cook peas in boiling water with a little salt and the soda bicarbonate. Drain off water. Chop ham into small bits, mix together with the peas, celery, pepper and chilli powder. Mix the mayonnaise, and serve cold on a bed of lettuce.

WALDORF SALADapples 12 lemon juice 2 tbspcelery 100 gmwalnuts 80 gmmayonnaise 1 ½ cupslettuce leaves 12

Peel apples and cut into cubes. Sprinkle with lemon juice. Blanch celery and cut into slices. Blanch walnuts and chop coarsely. In a salad bowl, mix all ingredients with mayonnaise until well combined. Serve on a bed of lettuce leaves.

MOULDED SALADorange segments, grapes, cherries - a fewlemon jelly 1 packetgelatine 2 packetscurds 1 litrecarrots - diced 50 gmmint essencepeas 50 gmcucumber - diced 50 gmmint - roughly torn 1 bunchlime 1green colour

Hang 1 litre curds in a muslin cloth and let the whey drain out 5 hours before making the salad. This is equal to 200 grams solid curds.Meanwhile, set the first thin layer of lemon jelly in a ring mould. When half set, arrange any fruit available, like orange segments, grapes or cherries and pour over a little more lemon jelly.For the next layer, dissolve one packet of gelatine in a pint of hot water. When cool, add mint essence, green colour and the juice of 1 lime. Also add 50 gm sugar and a pinch of salt. Pour this jelly over the lemon jelly layer and when half set, add the boiled and diced carrots and peas. Pour a little more mint jelly over this.Lastly, in the yoghurt add one packet of gelatine previously dissolved in hot water. Also add the cucumber, mint leaves, a pinch of salt and sugar to taste.

CREAM CHEESE STUFFED EGG SALADhard boiled eggs cheese boiled peasmayonnaise to moisten lettuce or cabbage Cut the hard boiled eggs into halves. Remove yolks and cream with cheese. Add mayonnaise. Mix well. Put the mixture into a fluted nozzle and fill into eggs. Serve on a bed of lettuce or cabbage with boiled peas.

STUFFED TOMATO SALADsmall red tomatoes peas - boiledcarrots - diced, boiledpotatoes - diced, boiledsalad creammint or coriander leaves - choppedCut the top of each tomato and scoop out the inside. Mix carrots peas and potatoes. Add sufficient salad cream to bind together. Fill in tomato cases and sprinkle with chopped mint or coriander leaves.N.B.: For Salad Cream refer page 22.

POTATO SALADpotatoes - boiled and cubed ½ kgboiled eggs 2 mustard 1 tspvinegar 1 tspsalt

spring onion or coriander leaves or celery - chopped.Cream the yolks with the vinegar, salt and mustard. Add more vinegar if required. Chop the whites of the eggs and mix well with the potatoes and the greens.

POTATO BACON SALADpotatoes ½ kg bacon rashers - cut in strips 2 onion - chopped 1 capsicum - chopped 1/2spring onions - chopped 100 gmmayonnaise ½ cupsalt to taste

Peel and cut potatoes into bite-size pieces and parboil.In a frying pan, fry the bacon bits and when half done, add the onion, capsicum and stir fry. Add in parboiled potatoes and toss well. Add the green onion and stir for a few minutes. Remove from fire and let cool. Just before serving, moisten with mayonnaise.N.B.: For vegetarians, omit the bacon.

CHICKEN COLD SALADchicken 1 kg ham ½ kgnoodles ½ packetonions 2carrot-strips 1/4 kgcabbage-shredded 1/4 kgcapsicum-chopped fine 4celery-chopped 4 stalksparsley-chopped 4 stalkslettuce leaves-cut in strips 2apples-cut in cubes 6pineapple-chopped fine ½ kg

Boil and cut chicken in cubes. Add mayonnaise, ham and noodles to it. Mix lightly. Then add the celery, lettuce, parsley, cabbage, carrots, capsicums and onions. Lastly add the fruit, lime and salt to taste. Chill and serve.


small red tomatoes 6capsicums 2onions . 2pineapple strips 1 cupcooked chicken 1 cupmayonnaise ½ cups

Cut tomatoes, capsicums, onions, pineapple and chicken into juliennes. Toss lightly and chill. Just before serving, add the mayonnaise. A little pineapple juice added to it improves the flavour.


Sea Food


ripe ordinary mangoes 25 mustard 1/4 tspturmeric powder ½ tspchillies 6 pepper corns 6garlic 4 flakesjaggery to taste For seasoning: mustard and 6-8 flakes crushed garlic.

Peel the mangoes and remove juice from the mango skins twice. Grind masala fine and wash the stone with mango juice. Heat the oil. Season with mustard seeds and crushed garlic. Put in the masala and fry it. Then put in the mango juice, with all its water, salt and jaggery to taste. Lastly, add the mangoes and boil for about 10 minutes. Keep the curry thick.

Variation: Mango curry can also be made by boiling mangoes with jaggery and salt to taste and adding a seasoning of mustard, curry leaves and dry chillies. Some baffat powder can be added.

KULTA KAAT (Horse Gram Curry)kulith (horse gram) ½ kg mogem (field marrow) 1bimblies 20 jaggerysalt to tastegheeGrind:red chillies - short 8 pepper corns 4-5mustard 1 tspturmeric 1 inch

garlic 10 flakestamarind - a marble sizeSeasoning: mustard (optional) crushed garlic and curry leaves.

Boil horse gram in a pressure cooker for 30-40 minutes in a lot of water. Strain out the water. Then grind 4 tablespoons of the boiled horse gram and keep separate to add to the curry last. Grind the masala fine and add it to the gram water. Cut the mogem into small bits and boil it with salt and a bit of jaggery with the masala and the gram water. When it is almost boiled, slice and add the bimblies and boil. Then add the ground gram to thicken the curry. Season in 1 tablespoon ghee, crushed garlic and curry leaves. Mustard can be used for seasoning. If desired, 2 tablespoons of boiled kulith can be added to the curry. Add more salt, if necessary.


prawn - large sized 12chillies - long 10chillies - short 2cus cus 2 tspcummin seeds ½ tsppepper corns 5turmeric powder ½ tspcinnamon 1 bitFor seasoning: 1 onion

Boil the prawns well with a glass of water ajid salt. Grind masala fine. Fry an onion in ghee, till brown. Then fry the masala for a very long time, adding a teaspoon of sugar or a bit of jaggery. Put in the boiled prawns along with their water and boil. Boiled and cut potatoes may be added, if desired.

AMBADE (Hog Plums) - 100Coconut 1

Onion - slice 2Garlic 15 flakesRed chillies 8-10 shortCummin seeds 1 tspPepper corns 3-4Mustard 1 level tspTurmeric 1 inchFenugreek ½ tspBoiled rice 2 tbspJaggery 1 kgSalt taste

To season: mustard seeds, crushed garlic and 1 sprig curry leaves.Clean, scrape and wash ambades. Then put 2 or 3 cuts vertically on them. Add to boiling water and boil for 5 minutes. Strain out the water to take away the sourness. Separately boil enough water with jaggery and 2 tablespoons salt. When the jaggery melts, put in the strained ambades and boil till soft. Do not overcook as the flesh will disintegrate. Cove/ with a cloth and keep aside. The next day, crush the garlic in a little oil, along with the coconut, till the coconut turns brown in colour. Then remove and broil the dry masala, each separately. The boiled rice should be fried till it swells up. Then grind all this broiled masala along with the broiled coconut till fine. Add the ground masala to the boiled ambades and boil for a few minutes. Then season with mustard seeds, crushed garlic and curry leaves. Add more jaggery if needed.

NIVOLEred chillies 3Coriander 1 tbspJeera 1 tsppepper 1 tspmustard 1 tspturmeric 1 pieceoregan (omum) 1 tspbroiled coconut 2 tspgarlic 5 to 6 flakestamarind - a small ballonion 1ghee 1 tbsp

Heat ghee. Fry the onion brown. Then add the masala and fry well. Add sufficient water to make a gravy.

BLACK CRAB CURRYcrabs 3 big or 8 medium coconut 1/3Cut coconut in big bits. Keep onion chillies 15coriander 3/4 dtspcummin 1 tsponion 1crushed garlic 6-8 flakesBake these two on live coals.pepper corns 20garlic 4 flakestamarind 2 marble sized balls

Add broiled coconut and onion to the above ingredients and grind fine. Cook crabs and masala together in a vessel. Fry in oil, crushed garlic and add to the boiled crabs. Let it come to a boil and remove the vessel from the fire.

PRAWN JEERAE MEERI (Jeera Pepper Curry)Grind:Red chillies - long 10 chillies - short 3 cummin seeds 1 tsp onion 1turneric powder ½ tsp pepper corns 3tamarind a lime size

Grind all the above to a fine paste. Boil the prawns in this masala adding salt. Do .not add too much water. When the prawns have almost boiled add 2-3 small cut up potatoes. When the potatoes have boiled, keep the saucepan down. Then slice fine 5-6 onions and brown them in oil. When brown, take out the onions and put them into the saucepan of prawns and potatoes. Simmer on a slow fire for a few minutes, stirring in the fried onions and serve.

BAMBOO SHOOTS AND SPROUTED GREEN GRAMbamboo shoots - minced 4 cups sprouted green gram 1/4 kgcoconut - grated 1Salt to tasteGrind:red chillies 15 pepper corns 10 turmeric 1 inchonions 2 smallgarlic 8 flakestamarind 1 ball

Soak bamboo shoots in water for 1 day. Next day, soak it in fresh water for a few hours. Soak green gram overnight. Next day tie in a peice of cloth and -hang it to sprout. Boil bamboo shoots and green gram. Add salt after it is boiled. Lastly add masala and coconut and season with crushed garlic.

CRAB CURRYcrabs - medium size 8ambades or bimbliies 2coconut - large 1onions 2garlic 4 flakeslong red chillies 20Short red chillies 5coriander 1 tbspcummin seeds 1 tspmustard ½ tspfenugreek ½ tsptamarind - a marble sizesalt to tasteoil 2 tbsp

Broil the coconut, onion and garlic till light brown. Broil all the masala and grind. Clean and cut the crab into pieces. Boil it with either bimblies, or ambades and salt. Add the ground masala and the masala water. Bring it to a boil and season with crushed garlic.

PRAWN LOSUN MEERI (Garlic Pepper Curry)Prawns 100crushed garlic flakes for seasoning6-8sliced bimblies 6-8Grind:red chillies - long 6red chillies - short 2pepper corns 4turmeric ½ tspgarlic 4 flakestamarind (optional)tomato - small 1coconut 2 tbsp

Grind 'the masala. Fry in oil crushed garlic flakes, then put the masala and fry for along time. Put the prawns, add salt and boil. When prawns are half cooked put in bimblies and boil. When the bimblies are boiled, remove the vessel from the fire.

FISH BAKE (1) (With Meet Mirsang)

pieces of fish or 1 big fish onions - minced 3-4green chillies - minced 2ginger - minced 1 inchgarlic - minced 5-6 flakesTomatoes - sliced 2-3Meet mirsang 1 tbspVinegarSugar a pinch tomato sauce 4 tbspOil 1/4 cup

Fry minced onions, garlic, green chillies and add tomatoes. Add meet mirsang and vinegar. Add salt, only if necessary, and a dash of sugar. Cut and clean fish. If it is a big fish, keep whole and slit down the back along the bone. Take an oven proof dish to hold fish. Put a dash of oil in the dish and a spoon of the fried masala. Fill the middle of the fish with fried masala and place in dish. Put the remaining masala, tomato sauce and a little oil on top. Bake in an oven till golden brown.N.B. : For meet mirsang masala refer page 135

FISH BAKE (2)mackerals 16onions - big 4-6tomatoes - medium 4-6salt and vinegar to tastesugar (optional) a pinchgaram masala a pinch

Grind:chillies - long 9red chillies - short 16jeera 1 tsppepper corns 3saffron 3/4 inchgreen chillies 5garlic 11 flakes

Grind the above in a little water. Add a pinch of garam masala. Cut the onion in rounds. In a little ghee or oil, fry the onion rounds along with the masala and the chopped tomatoes. When the raw taste of the masala disappears, take it off the fire, cool it and then mix the mackerals in the masala miture along with salt and vinegar to taste. Put a little sugar if desired. Bake in a pyrex dish. If you have no bake, put the fish in a vessel, put a few live coals underneath, and more on top of the lid. Bake for about 20-30 minutes.


mackerals 16 onions - large 8 green chillies 5tomato sauce sugar 1 tspsalt to tastegarlic 1 pod

Grind:red chillies - long 16 red chillies - short 4 cummin seeds 1 tsppepper corns 3 turmeric powder ½ tsp tamarind - a marble size ballCut the onions, green chillies and garlic fine. Fry the cut ingredients in oil till the onions change colour. Add the ground masala, salt and sugar. Place a plantain leaf in a baking tray. Put a layer of masala, arrange the fish, stuff them with masala and put a thick layer on top. Smear the top generously with tomato sauce and bake for half an hour. If you have no bake you can place in a saucepan, with live coals below and on the lid.


Sanaki (masheer) 2 long slicespotatoes 3onions - slice 2 biggreen chillies - slit 14 - 16 1 ginger 2garlic 15 flakessalt and vinegar to taste

Grind:coconut - big 1 ½ cummin seeds 1heaped tsppepper corns 4-6turmeric 2 inchestamarind a marble size

Grind the coconut with the masala. Extract thick and thin milk. Keep the thick milk aside. Cut up and boil the onions, green chillies, garlic, ginger and potatoes with the thin coconut milk. When the potatoes cook, add the pieces of fish, salt and vinegar to taste. Let the fish boil. If more gravy is needed, the third extraction of coconut milk may be added. When the fish is cooked, pour in the thick coconut milk and a teaspoon of vinegar. Give it a boil and remove from the fire.N.B.: Hard boiled eggs can be cooked the same way.

PRAWN SOL - AMSANprawns 100 bimblies 8 - 10onion - big 1

Grind:coconut ½ short chilies 4coriander 1 tsppepper corns 4turmeric powder ½ onion 1garlic flakes 4tamarind - very little

Grind masala. Boil the prawns with bimblies, salt and a big sliced onion. When boiled, add the masala and boil for a few minutes.

FISH BAFFAT WITH ROCEsanaki (masheer) 2 long slices coconut 1 ½ onion 2tomato - big 1green chilies - slit 5 - 6ginger - sliced 1 inchgarlic flakes - sliced 8 - 10tamarindbafat powder - heaped 2 dtsppotatoes 3

Extract thick and thin milk of coconut. Fry onion in oil. Then put in the cut up tomato, green chillies, ginger, garlic and another big sliced onion. Fry till it fades. Then put in the baffat powder, along with a little tamarind water. Fry the powder for 2 minutes. Pour the thin coconut milk and boil with potatoes. Then add the fish. When the fish has cooked, add the thick coconut juice, give a boil and remove from the fire.N.B.: The same method can be used to cook fish, first fried with, turmeric powder and salt and then added to the gravy.

COD FISH (Thato)cod fish - 1 medium size crushed garlic for seasoningvinegar and salt to taste dry chillies 15 turmeric 1 inch cummin seeds 1/2 tsp onions 2 pepper corns 10 garlic 10 flakes mustard V4 tspGrind masala and fry garlic flakes smashed in ghee. Fry masala well, add masala water, salt, vinegar and boil the curry. Then add fish, Give a boil and remove from the fire.

mackerals 8 Grind:red chillies - long 7 red chillies - short 8 onion 1 "solas" (optional) 3 turmeric powder 1/2 tsp Slice:onion 1 ginger 1 inch


15 pepper cornscoriandersugartamarindgarlic8-10 V2 tsp'2

V, tsp2 marble size balls 4 flakesgreen chillies garlic4 10 flakes

Mix the masala and the masala water. Add sliced ingredients, 1 spoon oil, 1 spoon vinegar and boil well. Then add fish and boil till fish is cooked.sheer of sanakiGrind:red chilliesjeerapepper cornsturmericSlice:garlicgingerHEAD AND TAIL OF SANAKI (Mahaseer) FISH 1 head & bones of fish20

1 tsp 201 inchcoriander 1 tbsponions 2tamarind - small ball 115 flakes onions 1 tsp green chillies 4 Heat oil. Fry onion, then the ground masala. Then add the bones etc. with the sliced ingredients and salt. Lastly add the fish pieces.dry fish Masala:coconutred chillies - shortcorianderjeerapepper



1 tbsp 1/2 tsp V, tspturmericoniongarlic25

1 piece 1 5-6 flakestamarind - a small ball

Grind the masala to a smooth paste and season with an onion.

RANI FISH INDADseer fish 2 slices tomatoes V2 kgpotatoes V2 kg sugar (optional) 1 tspgreen chillies 8 turmeric 1 inchginger V4 inch cinnamon 1 inchgarlic 5 cloves cloves 2cummin seeds V2 tsp tamarind - a marble size ballcus cus 1 tsp

Heat ghee, fry an onion till brown. Then fry the ground masala for a long time. Add tomatoes which have been previously peeled by putting boiling water. Allow the tomatoes to boil with the masala till they are quite mashed. A little water may then be added. A teaspoon of sugar may be added if desired. Add fish and allow to boil for a few minutes. Add potato pieces and keep down.

SALT FISH CURRYsondale fish 5 pieces oilonion 1Grind:coconut V2 mustard V2 tspred chillies - long 8 turmeric 1 inchcoriander 2 tbsp garlic 3 flakescummin seeds 1/2 tsp tamarind - a lime size ballpepper corns 6

Fry an onion in oil till brown. Add masala, fry a little, add masala water and boil. Then add salt fish. Later add green mangoes, cut in slices and previously boiled. You can eliminate the tamarind, if green mango is added.



CHICKEN CUNPIR MIRI (Coriander Pepper Curry)small country chicken 1 pepper corns 25red chillies - long5 tamarind1 small ball coriander seeds1 level tbsp turmeric 1/2 inchjeera 1 pinchonion 1

Boil masala a little and grind. Fry an onion, then fry the masala. Then add chicken pieces and fry well. Lastly, add water and salt and cook till tender.

CHICKEN ROASTchickenbreadonions - largegreen chilliesgingermint 1potatoes vinegar salt sugareggghee 41 tsp 1 tsp 1 tsp 1 3 dtspV2 loaf9

3 1/2 inch1 sprigClean chicken making an opening at the neck and one just below the stomach. Wash the inside of the chicken and then apply vinegar and salt or lime juice and salt and keep aside. Separate the heart, liver and gizzard. Clean, wash and boil them. Then mince them and keep to add to the stuffing. Mince the onions, green chillies, ginger, mint, potatoes and bread. In a saucepan, take the water in which the heart, liver etc. were boiled and add vinegar, salt, sugar, egg and mint. Then add the bread and mix it well and allow it to soak for a time. In another vessel heat ghee and fry the cut onions and fry slightly brown. Add the cut green chillies and ginger and fry for two minutes. When fried, add to this the bread mixture and fry this for 5 minutes. Taste and add what is necessary. Remove and cool. Stuff the chicken with this mixture and stitch the openings tight.For Roasting:whole dry chillies sola or tamarind turmeric cinnamon onion - slicedV.


3 pieces a small ballinchsmall bitspotatoessalt for potatoespepper powdersalt for chickenghee1 kg1 tbsp1 pinch3 dtsp3 dtsp1

Roasting: Heat ghee in a frying pan Fry the stuffed chicken till golden brown-on all sides. When browned, pour out the ghee. Add 5 cups of water, salt, whole dry chillies, sola or tamarind, turmeric, cinnamon and onion. Let the chicken boil in this gravy, till tender and soft. Use this leftover gravy as soup for the roast after straining.Boil potatoes. Cut into halves and mix with salt and pepper powder. Fry this and serve with roast and gravy.N.B. : The chicken can be boiled and then put in the oven for browning, or fried in a frying pan.

CHICKEN INDADchicken 4-5 kg red chillies - long 20turmeric 3 inchestamarind small ball (lime size)ginger 3 inchesonions 7-8cloves 10cinnamon 9-10 inchescardamoms 3

Grind masala. Marinate chicken bits in 1 teaspoon salt and vinegar. Fry raw chicken pieces in ghee or dalda till slightly brown. Fry 3 big onions in ghee till brown. Then fry the masala in it for a very long time, adding the masala water, now and then. Put in fried chicken bits and cook chicken till tender. Add fried potatoes. Mint and coriander leaves may be added while chillies - short 30 garlic 18-20 flakes green chillies 4 cummin seeds 3 dtsp pepper corns 2 tsp plums 3 tbsp poppy seeds 2 tsp vinegar V4 cup sugar 2 tsp

KORI KOCHPU(Dry Chicken with Coconut)chicken 1onions for frying 6 Grind fine:red chillies - long 8red chillies - short 4coriander 1/2 tspcummin seeds 1/4 tsppepper corns 6coconut - scraped 1/2cinnamonclovesgarlic1 inch bit35 flakestamarind - a lime size ball turmeric 1/2 inch

Grind the masala fine. Add it to the cut chicken, and boil it with salt and masala water. Mince the onions and fry them till brown. Take out and keep aside. In the same oil or ghee fry the boiled chicken, adding the gravy little by little. Then put in the fried onions, add a little water if needed. Add scraped coconut and simmer on low fire, till the coconut loses its raw taste.

CHICKEN AND DUMPLINGS (Mutlees)Chicken Curry:chicken 2 kg pepper corns 15-20coconut 2 mustard V2 tsponions 4 turmeric 1 inchgarlic flakes 10-15 tamarind - lime size ballchillies 20 oil 4 tbspcoriander 3 tbsp salt to tastejeera 1 tsp

Boil dry masala on a tava, each separately. Put 2 tablespoons oil in a frying pan and fry one scraped coconut, 3 onions sliced and the garlic to a light golden brown. Add tamarind to the broiled masala. Grind to a fine paste. Take the thick and thin milk of one coconut and keep aside. Season with one sliced onion, add masala, thin coconut milk, chicken pieces and salt to taste. Cook till chicken is tender. Add steamed mutlees and thick coconut milk. Bring to a good boil and keep down. The gravy must be on the thicker side.Variation: For Cockles and Dumplings, in the place of chicken, use big cockles.

Dumplings I (with coconut):boiled rice 1 kg coconut 1 salt to tasteSoak rice for at least two hours. Grind with as little water as possible. When three quarters ground, add scraped coconut and grind to a fine paste. Put batter in a pan and keep on a slow fire. Cook till batter does not stick to the fingers. Knead well and form into small mutlees and steam.Variation:1. Mutlees can be made large and eaten with chicken or meat curry.2. Sweet mutlees can be made by adding sufficient jaggery to sweeten and eaten by itself. Make large and steam.Dumplings II (without coconut): Wash and soak 1 kg rice in water. Then grind it fine, with salt and a little water. Steam the batter in a thondore for 10 minutes, till it becomes firm. Then take out, cool and knead it well and form into small dumplings. Steam these again till cooked, in a thondore. Before putting them into the chicken curry, take care to cool them a bit, by spreading them out.N.B.: Chicken and Pathravades or Cockles and Dumplings require the same masala and method of cooking.


Mangalore Specials

PATHRAVADEboiled rice 1/2 kg pepper corns 8pathravade leaves 12 black gram dhal/green gram 50 gmred chillies - long 6 cummin seeds 1 tspturmeric 1 inch tamarind - 1 lime size ballcoriander 1 dtsp salt to taste

Clean and soak rice and dhal for about 2 hours. Mince the pathravade leaves and keep aside. Grind rice and dhal with the above ingredients. Mix the minced leaves with the ground rice. One tablespoon of broiled gingelli can be added if desired. Steam the dough in 2 inch thick slabs of 6 inches length, in plantain leaves, with most of the central stalk removed.

Fried Pathravade:When steamed, pathravades can be cut in thin slices and fried plain or with the application of a light chilli-salt paste.

CHICKEN AND PATHRAVADEPrepare the same chicken curry as in Page 133. Instead of dumplings, add steamed pathravade cut into thick slices.

FRIED CONDIMENT MEAT CURRYmeat (beef or mutton)1 kg coconut - scraped ' V2(boil the meat in water and add salt) jeera 1 tsp coriander seeds 3 tsp \\ dry chillies 20mustard V2 tsp, saffron 1 inchpepper corns 1 tspcinnamon 4 bitscloves 4 onions - medium 2garlic 1 pod

Roast the bracketed condiments and coconut and grind with the rest of the ingredients above very fine. Add the rnasala and the water to the boiled meat and cook till curry is thick. Season with fried onion. Add salt and vinegar to taste.

MUTTON POLOV(Mutton with Ash Gourd)mutton 1 kg garlic flakes8-10 ash pumpkin 2 kg vegetable powder 2 full dtspthick and thin juice of 1 coconut tamarind 1 marbel sizegratings of coconut 3/4 salt to tasteonions - sliced 2+1 oil and ghee

In the thin juice, boil the mutton with salt. When half cooked, add the ash pumpkin bits and boil till the vegetable is cooked, adding more salt if needed.Scrape 3/4 coconut and broil it well in a little oil, adding 2 sliced onions and garlic. When the coconut turns light brown, take it off and grind with the tamarind, adding the vegetable powder. Add this ground coconut to the vessel of boiled mutton and ash pumpkin. Boil for some minutes.Season with an onion fried in ghee. Add thick coconut juice, give a boil and keep down.

TROTTERS (Paya)onion 1/2 kgginger 1 inch garlic 10 flakescinnamon 2 piecescloves 4onion 1green chilli 1

Clean trotters and cut each leg into 4 pieces. Add the sliced ingredients and pressure cook it for an hour. Fry onion, masala, and tomato. Add the cooked trotters and cook in masala for 2-3 minutes.To improve the taste, a soup cube may be added.

trotters tomato 15 1 big

Slice: onion 1 green chillies 3-4Grind: red chillies 2 jeera 1 tsp pepper corns 1 tsp turmeric 1 inch

GREEN MASALAgreen chillies 75coriander leaves 250 gmginger - minced 1 tbsp jeera 1 tbspgarlic - minced 4 tbsp turmeric 4 inch bitsalt 1/2 tsp pepper 1 dtsp

Remove stems of green chillies. Clean and slice ginger and garlic. Wash coriander leaves and remove roots and thick stem. Put on clean cloth till water dries. Grind the above ingredients in a weak solution of vinegar that has been boiled and cooled. When ground fine, remove from the stone and bottle. To preserve for a long time, add 1 flat teaspoon of sodium benzoate (preservative). Mix well, then bottle.

GREEN MASALA DISHES FISH CRUMB FRYsliced fish (seer, sole, mackeral "sanaki") maida 2-3 dtspgreen masala 1 dtsp bread crumbsvinegar 2 tsp oil 1/4 cupsalt potatoes 3egg tomato sauce

Clean fish and for mackeral slit down the back and flatten fish. Apply green masala with salt and vinegar and keep for an 1/2 hour to marinate. Beat up the egg, add a couple of spoons of maida and make a thick paste with a little salt water to thin if necessary. Apply egg mixture on both sides of the fish and dip in bread crumbs. Press well between the palms of your hand. Shallow fry to a golden brown colour and drain on paper. Serve with fried potato fingers and tomato sauce.

GREEN MASALA FISH BAKEpomfrets 2green masala 2 dtsponions 4-5 tomatoes 3or 4 green chillies2 oil 3-4 tbsp ginger1 inch banana leaf (optional)

Clean pomfrets and slit down' the back and keep the fish whole. Mince and fry the onions, green chillies and ginger. Add green masala and fry well. Add cut up tomatoes and fry for a while. Keep down from fire. Put the banana leaf at the bottom of a pyrex dish. Put a spoonful of the fried masala and place the fish over this. Put some masala into the slits made on the back of the fish. Put some masala on top of the fish too. Pour another spoon of oil on the top and put it in the oven. Bake till a golden brown colour for about 1/2 hour.

MUTTON OR BEEF CHOPSunder cut/mutton or beef chops 1 kggreen masala 1 dtspvinegar 1 tspstew powder 1 tsponions 4-5 boiled potatoes 2-3 tomatoes 2-3 coriander leaves as required

Apply green masala, salt, vinegar and stew powder to the meat and allow to marinate for 1-2 hours. Pressure cook meat till tender and keep on fire till gravy thickens. Cut round slices of onions, potatoes and tomatoes. Fry each separately in a shallow pan. Keep aside. Lastly fry the meat to a golden brown. Add fried onion, potato and tomato slices. Cook till dry.Garnish with coriander leaves.

MUTTON STEWmutton 1 kgboiled potatoes 2-3onions 4tomato 1green masala 2 dtspstew powder 1 tsp bread crumbs 1 dtsp spice powder 1/2 tsp oil or ghee 2 dtsp salt and vinegar to taste

Boil mutton with sliced onion and tomato. Grind 2 onions fine. Fry the sliced onion till golden brown. Add the ground onion and green masala and stew powder. Fry well ill raw onion flavour disappears. Add meat and simmer till gravy is thick. Add salt and vinegar. Add boiled potatoes. If gravy is thin, a dessertspoon of bread crumbs fried in a teaspoon of ghee can be added while still cooking. This gives you a nice thick gravy. Add spice powder for flavour.

MINCE WITH GREEN MASALAminced meat 1 kg onions 5-6 green chillies 2 ginger 1 inch stew powder 1/2 tsp green masala 1 tsp coriander leaves oil 2 dtsp

Pressure cook mince for 10 minutes and keep aside. Mince onions, green chillies, ginger and coriander leaves. Fry onions in oil till light brown, add green chillies and ginger. Add stew powder and green masala. Add minced meat and coriander leaves. Cook till dry.N.B.: The above mince can be used for cutlets, pan rolls, meat puffs and meat pies.

Variation: If you wish to serve it by itself, add some fresh green peas, diced carrot, potatoes, chopped tomato with some chopped bacon and cook till gravy is thick. This may be served with mashed potato round it on a flat dish. Boil 5-6 potaotes, mash well, add salt and butter and a little cream, if necessary. This can be piped with a nozzle round the mince and lightly browned in an oven, if put in an oven proof dish.

CHICKEN BIRIYANIbasmati rice 1/2kg chicken onions 3/4 kg4-5 cinnamon cloves 3-4 pieces 10-12 cardamoms 5-6 stew powder 1/2 tsp green masala 1 dtsp yellow colour 1 pinch oil or ghee 3/4 cup ghee 2-3 tbsp

Parboil rice and spread out to cool. Put V2 cup oil in a pan and fry onions to a golden brown. Remove V2 the fried onions and keep aside. Add cloves cinnamon and cardamom. Fry for V2 minute, add green masala and stew powder. Fry well and add meat. Cook till gravy is thick and dry.Heat the oven. Take a vessel and put a spoon of ghee at the bottom. Put a layer of rice, a layer of meat with gravy then another layer of rice arid chicken and top it with a layer of plain rice. Sprinkle some yellow colour on top of the rice. Close with a well fitting lid. Put the vessel in an oven for half an hour. Garnish with remaining onions when serving.

MUTTON/CHICKEN CURRYmutton / chickenonionsgreen masalastew powder1 kg 61 dtsp 1 tspcashewnuts 10-15cus cus - grind fine 1 tspcinnamon 2 piecescurds 1/2 cupCut onions and fry in a pan with oil till brown. Add green masala, stew powder, ground cashewnuts and cus cus. Fry well. Add meat pieces, cinnamon and sufficent water to cook. When gravy is thick, add curds and salt to taste. Garnish with cut coriander leaves.

BAFFAT POWDER RECIPESPORK MINCE WITH MACARONIpork mince macaroni tomatoes onions1 cup 4-6 4green chillies ginger garlic flakes baffat powder2

1 inch 102 tsp

Dip tomatoes in boiling water, skin and cut. Heat oil and lightly fry the onion, green chillies, ginger and garlic. Add baffat powder and the minced tomato. Cook for 5 minutes. Add the pork mince and cook on slow fire till dry. Boil macaroni in boiling water to which a little salt is added. Drain and add to cooked pork mince and keep down.

FISH CURRY WITH BAFFAT POWDERRefer to previous recipe. Instead of pork mince use fish or prawn cabbageV, kg coconut

The above curry can be prepared with prawns and cabbage or fish and cabbage. Make big pieces of cabbage. Wash and boil with thick coconut milk. Cut up green masala. When cabbage is boiled add green masala, baffat powder and fish or prawns.

TRIPE CURRYtripe 1 kg tamarind - marble sized ball 1chillies 10 onions 3coriander 2 tsptomato 1jeera 1 tspcurry leaves 1 stalkturmeric 1 inch coconut - scraped 1/2

Clean and cut tripe into small pieces. Boil for about 3 to 4 hours with salt, till soft. Boil and grind all the dry masala with tamarind. Season with onions, tomato and curry leaves. Add the masala and fry well. Add the boiled pieces of tripe and bring to a boil. Dry the water and add the scraped coconut.

JEERA PEPPER CURRY (With Meet Mirsang)meet mirsang (chilli paste) 1 dtspstew powder 1/2 tspcoconut milk, of 1/2 coconut (optional)oil V.onions 3+1garlic 6 flakestomato 1tamarind - a marble size

Grind 3 onions, garlic, tomato and tamarind. Slice and fry 1 onion till golden brown Add meet mirsang, stew powder and ground masala. Fry well. Add a little water or thin coconut milk and cook for 5 minutes. A little thick coconut milk may be added if necessary.

PORK SARPOTEL1 1/2 inchescinnamon 2 inches cloves - powder 4 cinnamon leaves 3-4 tamarind water of 1 marble sized ball of tamarind baffat powder 2 dtsppork 1 kgonions - large 6green chillies 6gingergarlic 10-12 clovessalt and vinegar to taste

Cut meat into small bits. Add 2-3 cups water, salt and vinegar. Cut up the onions into 1/2 inch bits, cut the green chillies and ginger into small bits. Halve the garlic cloves. Put all this minced masala into the meat, along with baffat powder, the clove and cinnamon powder, the tamarind water and the cinnamon leaves. Boil till the meat is cooked. Wash the blood in clean water and put it in, after the meat is cooked. Boil for 5 minutes and keep down.

pork 1/2 kg cloves 20 long and 10 short red chillies onion cummin seeds 11/2 tsp green chillies pepper 1/2 tsp garlic mustard 1/2 tsp dates or plums poppy seeds 2 tsp tamarind - 1 s raw rice 2 tbsp jaggery cinnamon 4 sticks vinegar


2 big 21 full pod 4 ball2 inch square piece 1/2 cup

Broil the dry masala each separately, and grind it in vinegar with the rest of the ingredients. Mince 2 small onions. Fry onions and then the masala very well. Put in the jaggery last. Put in the slightly fried pork pieces and salt to taste and boil till the meat is tender and gravy is thick.

MEET MIRSANG MASALA (Chilli Salt Paste)chillies 50 jeera 1 tspsalt 4 tbspvinegar 1/2 bottle

Grind in vinegar and store in a bottle. turmeric 11/2 inchesN.B. : This is a very versatile masala and is used to fry fish. It can also be used in the preparation of many quick and easy dishes.

VORNgreen gram dhal 1/2 kg jaggery 1/2 kgcoconuts 2 cardamon powder 1 tspraw rice (flour or ground) 1 cup salt to tastecrape and grind coconut to extract thick and thin juice. Wash the dhal and boil it, in a little water or in the thin coconut juice till soft. Add to it, the jaggery, the thin coconut juice and salt. Then mix rice flour with sufficient water and make a batter. Add this to the vorn, stir and do not allow the flour to become lumpy. Boil well, till flour is cooked and the vorn thickens to the required consistency. Lastly, add thick coconut juice and cardamom powder. Keep it down, after boiling for a few minutes.

MANIraw rice 1/2 kg cardamom powder 2 tspcoconuts 2 almonds or cashewnuts (a handful)jaggery to taste (1/2kg) salt to tasteghee 4 tbsp

Scrape and grind the coconuts and extract 8 or 10 cups of milk. Wash and soak the rice for half an hour. Blanch and slice the almonds or cashewnuts. Clean and wash the plums. Grind the rice fine with a little coconut juice. Remove and mix the ground rice with remaining juice, jaggery and salt to taste. Make a thin batter. Apply ghee to a vessel, pour batter into it and boil, stirring continuously. When it thickens, add more ghee and boil until it is sticky and cooked for about 1 hour. Then add plums, almonds, cardamom powder and stir. Remove from heat and immediately pour it into well buttered plates. Apply some ghee on top and smoothen the surface with a knife. When cold, cut into diamond shaped pieces.

BOLE (Coconut Cake)tender coconuts (adsar) 2 dalda 1/2 cup(freshly taken preferable) butter 1/2 cupwhite jaggery 750 gm eggs 3 sooji (Bombay)1 cup limes (rind and juice)2 American flour 2 cups plums, cashewnuts and baking powder 2 tsp caraway seeds

Grind the coconut and jaggery roughly. Then mix all the ingredients and bake in a moderate oven for about an hour.

STUFFED RICE ROLLS IN SAFFRON LEAVES (Patholis)boiled rice 1 kg cardamom powder 1 tspcoconuts 2 salt to tastejaggery 400 gm

Wash and soak rice overnight. Grind it fine to a thick and dry dough adding salt. Mix together finely scraped coconut, powdered jaggery and cardamom and keep aside for filling. Spread a little dough on the inner side of each leaf in a thin and even layer. Then place a little of the filling along the centre, fold the leaf over and press edges firmly. Steam till done and serve with leaves on.

JACKFRUIT RICE ROLLS(Jackfruit Patholis)boiled rice jackfruit bulbscoconut1 kg about 252jaggery cardamom powder 400 gm

Wash and soak rice overnight. Then grind it with the jackfruit pulp and salt and a little jaggery (optional) to a thick dry fine paste. Prepare the filling as above, by mixing coconut scrapings, jaggery and cardamom powder.Take clean almond, teak or plantian leaves. Spread the dough thickly and evenly. Place the coconut mixture along the centre, fold tight and steam for about an hour till cooked.