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At the time I joined Forever Living Products in June 2003, I was a dedicated school teacher with a meagre income. My husband, a Merchant Navy Officer was earning a sizeable income, so I really never thought I needed to work, but as fate changed, my husband passed away on board ship, leaving me with 3 young children to care for. In that situation you can imagine my stress level due to financial burden. I was stress eating, had put on a lot of weight and general health was on the downward trend.

Fortunately one of my well wisher introduced me to Forever Living Products. Straight away I started feeling my stress levels were getting better and people around me commenting on my weight loss. Without me realising, I was supplying these wonderful Natural products to my Family and friends. Guess what? I was so excited when I received a Bonus Cheque from Forever. This was the time I realised I was in Business, but not by myself as I had a lot of distributors trying to help me.

As my knowledge and appreciation for the products grew, I began to tell others about my new venture, a big business was born.

Today, I feel healthier, younger and my energy levels have soared. Seven years of hard work and smart work have shown great results. Experience in the field of Networking has taken me to top levels. I strongly believe that if "One is not networking, they will soon be not working".

Presently a Manager in the Marketing Plan of the Company, Trainer and Consultant.

What I liked about this Business is that one can work it around all other commitments, either part-time or full-time, from home with NO BOSS (Be your own Boss), work where you want, when you want and with whom you want. One has the choice to be either a consumer or a Successful business builder. The choice is yours.

I provide Free trainings and consistent support. Joining me in Business could mean overcoming major financial challenges and building yourself a lifestyle of your dreams.