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From The Beginning...

When the St Andrew’s X Students Association was founded in 1923, the main idea was to keep the ties of the old school by celebrating the feast day of St Andrew with a Solemn High Mass followed by an Annual General meeting and a social.

It was only in 1929 that the Constitution was framed. It was subsequently revised in 1935, 1960 and 1996.

The main object in those years was to help the poor students of the school by way of money or distribution of textbooks and this was achieved from the funds collected from dramas held, socials and appeals to members.

In 1941, the Association donated to the school a scholarship of Rs. 280/- To enable members to know each other better and to maintain interest in the Association, Cinema shows, picnics andsocials were organized from time to time. In 1936, the Association entered teams for the Lewis Cup and the GwaliorCup tournaments. The Literary activity side was not neglected either. Debates were held from time to time, and an ambitious project, which was given glowing press coverage, was the Symposium held in 1943 with the Chief Justice of Bombay presiding and eminent speakers taking part in it.

The financial stability of the Association, as well as the various activities in the past, was in no small measure dueto Msgr. Dominic DeSa, the first patron; Msgr Henry Remedios, one time patron and Chev. J S Pereira who was President for many years, for their generosity and advice. From 1943 till 1959, the Association was dormant until 22nd December, 1959 when Msgr. Nereus Rodrigues, the then Principal took the initiative to call up a meeting of ex-students with a view to reviving the activities of the Association. An adhoc Committee was formed, with Msgr. Henry Remedios, the then Vicar of St Andrew’s Church as Patron; Msgr. Nereus Rodrigues, the then Principal of the School as Chairman and Mr. Joe D’Mello as Secretary.

A General Body Meeting was held on 3rd March, 1960 and a new adhoc Committee elected, with the specific object ofenrolling members and revising the Constitution. The Patron was Msgr. Henry Remedios, President was Mr. Agnelo Fernandes, Vice President (ex –officio) was Fr Nereus Rodrigues, being the Principal of the School and Mr. Joe D’Mello was the Secretary.

On the 19th March, 1960 a General Body Meeting was held for members at which the Association was legally revived and a new Managing Committee elected. Msgr. Henry Remedios, Patron; Mr. Agnelo Fernandes, President; Mr. Mick D’Souza, Vice President; Fr Nereus Rodrigues, Vice President (ex-officio) and Mr JoeD’Mello, General Secretary. The Annual Thanksgiving Mass was held every year on the first Sunday after the feast of St Andrew, which is on 30th November.

The Association again remained dormant for sometime and was revived once more in 1996 by the then principal Fr William Athaide and continues to remain active under the dynamic leadership of Fr Magi Murzello (2009), current Principal of the School and President of the X-Andrean Association, and Mr. Ray Fernandes as the Secretary.

The new X Andrean Association office was inaugurated by Fr Magi Murzello on 26th January 2010.

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