Bandra Civic Groups

Bandra Civic & Welfare Group

Grace Villa, 24 D’Monte Park Road,
Bandra (West), Mumbai 400 050.
Tel. No. 2642 4896


- Distribution of 1 kilo Onions & Potatoes FREE to fifty under privileged families every week, to help them in their nutritional needs.

- Distribution of FREE Exercise Books to deserving students in the area

- Visit to Charitable Homes / Homes for the Aged

- Medical Aid for Deserving Cases - people in dire straits without any support system

- Sales of Used Clothes to the Low Economic Group - who can get some clothes that is worth every rupee

- FREE X’mas Tree for 700 Poor Children - to cheer them up, in tune with the season.

Organising Committee:
Vincy D’Mello,
Josie Mascarenhas
Danny Pereira
Constance Amara
Felix Soares
Maria Coutinho
Capt. Vincent D’Paiva
Merck D’Silva
Jocelyn D’Souza
Dennis D’Souza
Esmeralda D’Mello
Esther D’Paiva
Peter Pereira
Clifford Coutinho
Andreanna D’Souza
Vincent Alburquerque
Ronnie Williams
Eric Mathias


Bandra's Citizen Groups:

Citizens groups across Bandra - ALMs, Residents Associations and the H West Citizens Trust- focus on local civic issues in their wards, by representing the citizens of Bandra in ensuring good governance of this suburb. The effective functioning of these groups is completely dependant on the active participation of the citizens of Bandra. Join your local ALM and/or Association or start your own ALM if one does not exist in your area.

Support required:


The Hon. Chairperson,

H West Ward Citizens' Trust,

602, Rendezvous, Perry Road, Bandra, Mumbai 400050

Tel: (022) 26427496 / 9821566557



Bandra Bandstand Residents Trust (BBRT):

Has developed and maintains the Band Stand promenade as well as the Lands End amphitheatre.


The Trustee,

201 Sea King,

H.K. Bhabha Road, Bandstand,

Bandra (W), Mumbai 400050

Tel: (022) 26423624 / 98203 25159



Bandra Reclamation Area Volunteers Organization (BRAVO):

Interacts with MSRDC for the maintenance of the Bandra Reclamation promenade and civic issues concerning Reclamation area


The Secretary,

B 55 Parijat CHS Ltd,

5 K.C. Marg, Bandra Reclamation, Mumbai 400050

Tel: (022) 26427718 / 98207 03277



Bandra Residents Action Group:

Works with Municipal and Police authorities for prompt action on problems, and providing better service to residents


The President,

Diana House,

1OO Bazaar Road,

Bandra (W), Mumbai 400 050

Tel: (022) 2640 7791 / 98203 41838



Bandra West Residents Association (BWRA):

Has developed and maintains the Carter Road promenade.


The Hon. Treasurer,

14 B, Carter Road,

Bandra (W), Mumbai 400050

Tel: (022) 26463476 / 98209 80971


Gen. Arun Kumar Vaidya Nagar Rahiwasi Sangh (GAKVNRS):

Has saved the open spaces in Reclamation from being taken over by politicians. Striving to adopt and convert it into public spaces.


The Hon. Secretary,

Parijat CHS Ltd office,

5 K.C. Marg, Gen Arun Kumar Vaidya Nagar,

Bandra Reclamation, Mumbai 400050

Tel: (022) 26427718 / 98200 20437


H West Ward Citizens' Trust:

Consist of very active local ALMs and Resident Associations in the H (W) Ward, which stretches from Santa Cruz to Bandra. Deals with all kinds of civic issues in the ward.


The Hon. Chairperson,

602, Rendezvous,

Perry Road, Bandra, Mumbai 400050

Tel: (022) 26427496 / 9821566557


The contents of this site are aimed specifically to residents and ex-residents of Bandra (East), Mumbai - 400 051 and Bandra (West), Mumbai - 400 050, Maharashtra, situated on the west coast of INDIA