Pali Village - an island of peace in the centre of chaos

by Peter Pereira
(Pali Village, Bandra)

An old bungalow in Pali Village, Bandra

An old bungalow in Pali Village, Bandra

As an East Indian from Pali Village, our house is over 120 years old and can boast of serene surroundings that blend well with nature. This is very much unlike the concrete jungle that is slowly , yet steadily approaching our doorsteps.

Our houses have higher ceilings that make it more live-able, unlike the match box flats that have less than 9 feet high ceilings that make you feel suffocated. Our walls are thick, unlike the one-brick walls that easily crumble. Our rooms are large and inviting - not like the poky flats without verandahs.

Here neighbours may fight with each other over petty issues, but scenes of community bonding are more often than in any 'society' high rise building. Here people 'live' - not just exist.

To appreciate the sylvan sidewalks, just come to Pali Village and see it for yourself - before this is lost forever to 'progress'.

Welcome to Pali Village !

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