This place sucks....

1) The person whom we spoke
to was not present for co-ordination.

2)The moment we entered the resort it had the Garbage smell.

3) The rooms do not have a wash basin. Morning if u wanna wash ur face, u need to come out in the garden n brush.... believe me its very embarassing.

4) The toilets a very -very small. No showers available.

5) The AC was giving out hot fumes.... The fucker takes extra money for ac rooms which does not work...Food was pathetic. Chicken curry had so much oil in it.

6) We were not allowed in the pool in evening saying it was being filtered.. we waited the
whole night to jump in the pools to find water stinky n all mud at the bottom....

7) We had asked for extra mattresses...which were provided immedietly..... but mind you they do not provide bedsheets... and pillows. Is that what u call as service?

8) No water provided.. Any hotel or Resorts you go.. they always have the jug full of water n a glass ready.... here in ultimate paradise if u want water buy the bisleri and drink or die of thirst....

9)Place was stinking- no water in the rooms- No bedsheets provided with the mattresses- no Pillows provided- Pathetic food- No clean pools to dip in.

10) We finally left at 6:30 am and paid 2000/- for the fucking place.

We finally went to the Royal garden resort in Bhayander and had a blast. The charges was just 500/- pp from 9am to 5pm, inclusive of Breakfast, mid breakfast, Lunch and evening tea.... food was amazing....

I am a honest person... wud appreciate whatever is gud and ultimate paradise is a fucking place...it sucks.....

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